Easy Stretches to Do Each Morning

By Matt Dallisson, 07/03/2019

Starting your morning on the right foot can make a difference to your entire day, and what better way to get this done is to stretch and breathe properly. Stretching in the morning must be done when your body is already warm, say after your morning exercise routine. This way, your muscles will not be too tight as you perform the different stretches in this article. On the other hand, if you prefer to stretch as soon as you wake up, be gentle with your stretching to avoid pulled muscles.

If you want to feel stronger and more flexible in the morning, try these easy stretches out:

Chest release

This exercise is designed to open up the chest, biceps, as well as the front shoulders. Position yourself near a wall, a window ledge, or even a door frame, with your left arm holding on. Step your left leg forward then turn your body towards the right, particularly at your hips. Hold this for 4 to 6 counts while deepening the stretch. Do the same steps with the other side.

Child’s pose

Another easy workout that you can do in the morning is the child’s pose. This pose is ideal for stretching the hips, thighs, pelvis, as well as the spine which tend to feel tight when we wake up. There are times when one or two of these parts tend to feel painful because of the tightness. To do this stretch, go down on all fours on your yoga mat with your big toes touching one another. As you inhale, you will feel your spine elongate. On exhale, move your butt back down on your heels while tucking chin towards the chest. Rest in this manner as you place your forehead on the floor with your arms remain outstretched. Stay in this pose for 5 counts. 

Downward-facing dog

What’s great about this stretch is that helps reset the nervous system, delivers more energy to the body, and helping your mind stay calm afterwards. Start on all fours then push down on your hands as you straighten your arms to push your hips back up and with legs straight. You can move your hands and feet farther apart as this may help make this stretch easier to do. On exhale, push into your hands as you move your shoulders down and back and away from the ears. At this point, your spine would be in a neutral position. Hold this pose for five counts, then bend your left knee then the right.

Seated spinal twist

You can also do the seated spinal twist to help loosen up the tightness in your back. Sit on the edge of your bed or chair even with your legs pressed together. Lengthen your spine to rotate starting from the waist. For additional support, you should place one hand behind you, while the other is positioned on the outer thigh. If you want a deeper stretch that will target your neck, gaze over your shoulder as you twist your spine.

Standing quad stretch

The quads may be feeling tight at the moment, but this can be alleviated with the standing quad stretch. Hold a chair, your bed, or even a wall for support with your feet positioned hip-width apart. Let your left knee soften as you reach your right ankle or foot, until your right knee is pointing straight down. Your pelvis should be in a neutral position with your spine tall. Hold this pose for 4 to 6 deep breaths before repeating with the other side.


Easy Stretches to Do Each Morning