Onboarding a New Leader — Remotely


Michael Blann/Getty Images Imagine that you have a new supply-chain leader starting next week. You hired her to do supply-chain transformation before the crisis took hold. But now she is joining remotely and inheriting a remote team, and her short-term, urgent priorities are very different from what they appeared to be before the pandemic. As […]

How Multinationals Can Help Advance LGBT Inclusion Around the World


Kelly Bowden/Getty Images As the rainbow flags came down in New York City after the WorldPride and Stonewall 50 celebrations, and as flags go up for pride events in other parts of the world, it’s worth asking: where do we stand on global LGBT rights? This year has offered a mixed bag. More jurisdictions, including […]

5 Signs That Your Family Business Might Have an Ethics Problem


Sunny/Getty Images When he was attending his grandfather’s funeral, Robert Pasin, the CEO of Radio Flyer, was overwhelmed by the outpouring of affection and respect for the family patriarch, who had originally founded the third generation family business, which manufactures toys. “All these people who worked in the factory, all these suppliers, they told me […]

Why You Should Create a “Shadow Board” of Younger Employees


Paolo Farinella/Getty Images A lot of companies struggle with two apparently unrelated problems: disengaged younger workers and a weak response to changing market conditions. A few companies have tackled both problems at the same time by creating a “shadow board” — a group of non-executive employees that works with senior executives on strategic initiatives. The […]

Engagement Around the World, Charted


Keeping employees engaged is a concern for companies around the world. We tend to think only about engagement in our own organizations. But new findings from ADP Research Institute, which makes and shares data-based discoveries about all aspects of the world of work, reveal stark differences in engagement between countries, industries, and job types. The […]

How to Make Sure a New Hire Feels Included from Day One


Beth was promoted to senior vice president at a Fortune 500 company. In addition to her existing responsibilities, she was given two new groups to manage. Overnight, her team doubled in size. Beth needed to hire senior executives to help manage her burgeoning division. Within five months, she had her senior management team in place: […]

What PwC Learned from Its Policy of Flexible Work for Everyone


Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography/Getty Images Every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time, I join a video conference call with leadership colleagues from across the country. I’m on the West Coast, so these meetings are always early for me. When I started joining them more than 10 years ago, I was up early to […]


What’s Your Story?


How the rules of leadership engagement have changed… Here we share a cautionary tale from executive search worth reflecting on if you haven’t recently checked what story people are hearing about your organisation. Business for many continues to be challenging, and this means that more than ever getting the best people into any organisation is […]