Spain, Italy and France are starting to lift their lockdowns

By Matt Dallisson, 28/04/2020

Arnaud Bernaert, Head of Health and Healthcare, World Economic Forum, said: “For those European countries where governments have started to ease restrictions, a controlled transition can be achieved with a number of measures. First, there should be clear evidence that COVID-19 has transitioned to a controlled phase. Sufficient health and medical capacity needs to be in place in case of rebound and health resources for treating non-COVID patients must be taken into consideration.

“Higher-risk settings such as senior living facilities and high-population concentration areas require continued observation to minimize outbreaks. Many countries have scaled up their testing numbers, and have started contact tracing – this can also help limit further imported cases. Finally, social distancing measures and remote working policies with engaged communities and employers will ensure the transition is co-ordinated in manageable stages.”

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